Why American retail dies? New York City opinion.

Hello, dear reader. Thank you for being here. Especially in my first post in English.

The topic of this post is — why American retail is dying?

I will speak specifically about New York, but I believe that the situation is similar in all states.
So. Arriving in the US, I heard a lot about the fact that the giants of retail, large malls, are closed everywhere. Malls can't stand competition with online. I saw the "corpses" of these giants. People said that it was all caused by Amazon. I was surprised.
Now I have my own opinion.

When I first saw the Amazon, I thought: 

"How did this uncomfortable, clumsy, incomprehensible machine could kill retail?" Amazon is really terribly uncomfortable and expensive goods! However, then I understood. Now I'm only saying my own opinion, which has developed from experience in New York.

Retail killed himself. There's NO marketing genius in Amazon. Just considerate out. New York is a huge city. Not by population, I mean. He stretched out sprawled. So, to get from the house to the nearest good Mall I need, because I do not have a car, about 1.5 hours WITH TRANSFERS! With a car is not easier. Cause TRAFFIC JAMS.

Next nuance. Having reached a mall, we were horrified by the assortment - it is insignificant! No size range. Unclear navigation and a complete mess in prices (It's hard to understand what item price). You drag yourself an hour and a half and do not find what you were driving for. And there is no strength for the road to the next mall.

Further more. We're new in New York. We do not know which store to go to. And where do we go for the answers? Correctly. On Google. And what do we see? Many stores not only do not have a website but are not even registered with google maps!!! It's a shock for me. Is this advanced America?

Naturally, getting even on an uncomfortable spooky Amazon, you're more pleased to order the goods there. You save time on the trip. The product can be considered (not every item), read the description, see how much it costs. Yes, you wait a few days. But there is an assortment.

Therefore, if any retailer decides the issue with the awareness of customers about their range and availability, will have reach location, then this retailer will be rich and successful. Because People still want to turn the goods in their hands, touch before buying. To measure the sandals on the daughter's foot, and not to guess when looking at the picture in the monitor - is this size appropriate?
Thank you! ☺

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